Have you been denied access to a new cholesterol-lowering medicine?

According to the New York Times, insurance companies are denying North Carolinians access to breakthrough cholesterol lowering drugs that have been proven to prevent heart attacks, strokes and even death.

Mackenzie Ames, who lives in Raleigh, is featured in the story, and has a genetic condition that results in high cholesterol.  The condition killed her Grandpa at 30 years old.  Her mother has had a quadruple bypass surgery.

Despite her family history and genetic condition, 2 insurance companies have denied her the medication that could save her life. Her doctor can’t get a straight answer as to why she is continually denied.

It’s time to take a stand against restrictive insurance policies that get between you and your doctor.

Sign our petition today to stand up for Mackenzie and the thousands of North Carolinians who deserve better.

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