Cardiovascular Summit Spotlights Stories of Access Barriers, Risk and Heart Health

Sandeep Jauhar’s grandfather was sitting down to lunch with family when he crumpled to the floor.  Jeff Kwitowski’s father was on a routine bike ride. Cat David Ahmed’s father was enjoying a game of tennis.  And Florence Champagne was in an office building when she dropped to her knees, gasping for air and praying for her life.

New "Fast Facts" Highlights Impact of High Cholesterol on Europe

More than 50 percent of Europeans have raised cholesterol, increasing their risk of heart attack, stroke and death – and costing the EU billions every year in health care expenses and lost productivity.  So explains a new “Fast Facts” policy brief from the European Alliance for Patient Access, a division of the Global Alliance for Patient Access.

***PRESS RELEASE*** Statement from Cardiovascular Patient Advocates on Troubling ICER Report on PCSK9 Inhibitors


“ICER’s report is a disappointment for patients and physicians and other practitioners who have seen expected results with these drugs. For patients suffering with extremely high cholesterol, these medications can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Unfortunately, ICER’s report could jeopardize many patient’s ability to access the life-saving medication they and their physicians and other providers have determined is the best course of care.”